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We, at Shiv Jyotish & Vaastu Research Centre provide Vastu Services. Vaastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature. It always suggest to intake enough sunlight, proper fresh air and space required to attend life’s charm, hygiene, health, wealth and family’s harmony. It emphasizes to maintain nature own value and sanctity like rain water harvesting, plantation and making environment free from pollution and hazards. The secret of Vaastu lies in receiving positive energies and prevent from negative vibration. Hence, it is purely scientific.

Vaastu comes from the Sanskrit “Dhatu” (verb) ‘Vas Vasay’. In Vedic Puran, it means land suitable for residential purpose. Extending meaning, it also conveys place of residence for human beings.

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Vaastu In Ancient Literature :
In the ancient – most scripture ‘Rik Samhita’, numerous prayers have been made to “vastoshpati”- the “Vaastu Devata” to gives us protection. Reference is also available in ancient hindu scripture like: Vedas” and “Puranas”.

Vaastu References In Ramayan And Mahabharat :
The epics “Valmiki Ramayana” and “Mahabharata” also render proof of the principles of ‘Vaastu’ being known at that time.

Essential of The vaastu :
Essentiallly, ‘Vaastushastra’ is a set of principles and rules that seeks favours from ‘ Vastoshpati’. These principles are different for residential and commercial buildings (Which also includes place of work) and for Temples.

Pioneers of Vaastu :
Names of many ancient ‘Rishis’ are linked with ‘Vaastushastra’. Two important ones are Vishwakarma and Maya danava (father –in -law of Demon Ravana).

Aims of Vaastu :
Essentially,’Vaastu’ aims at ensuring facility (comfort) and security. The principles and rules of ‘Vaastushastra’ Seek to enhance these two aspects.

Panch Mahabhoot :
“Yatga Pinde, Tahta Brahmande”-i.e., the human body is made of the same stuff as the universe. There are five elements called ‘Panch Mahabhoot’, which constitute the entire universe. They are ‘Prithvi’ (earth), ‘Jal’ (Water), ‘Teja’ or ‘Agni’ (Fire), ‘Vayu’ (Air ) and ‘Akash’ (Space). Proper balance of these ‘Panch Mahabhoot’ enhances physical as well as mental capabilites of the inividuals. The first four are actually used in ‘Vaastushastra’. The subtle fifth element viz., ‘Akash’ (Space) is needed to accommodate the other four. It would be incorrect to ask which one of these ‘Panch Mahabhoot’ is moe important each has its own importance.

Earth is the grossest amongst the ‘Panch Mahabhoot’. It has five ‘Gunas’ viz., ‘Shabda’ (word or sound), ‘Sparsha’ (Touch), ‘roop’ (shape),’Rasa’ (Taste) and ‘Gandha’(smell)—the last one being typical to Earth only. ‘rasa’ is the typical quality of Water and Earth only. In this fashion, ‘Shabda’ is the only quality of ‘Akash’ while ‘Shabda’ and ‘Sparsh’ both are the ‘Gunas’ of Air. ‘Shabda’, ‘Sparsh’ and ‘Roop’ are the qualities of ‘Teja’. From the point of view of building construction, density and solidness of the earth, constituting the soil in the plot is of prime importance. Rocky and dense land is the best while loose earth having organic materials, bones etc., are unsuitable.

Energy Sources in Vaastu :
Sun and Earth are the only heavenly bodies taken into consideration in the principles and rules of ‘Vaastu’ as far as sources of ‘Vaastu’ energy are concerned. Gravity, Magnetism and Solar Energy are the three sources of ‘Vaastu’ energy.

Gravitational Energy :
Hard and solid soil providing the foundation of a building ensures adequate gravitational energy, which operates in vertical direction. Buildings constructed on loose soil are more likely to collapse.

Magnetic Energy :
Earth’s magnetic field runs in North-South direction. Sleeping with head in south helps being in harmony with this energy. Many a patient suffering from mental tension or with undiagnosed ailment have reported to have benefitted by simply ensuring that they sleep with head in the South or, when the bed cannot be laid in the South- North direction, in the East. What needs to be avoided at all costs in head in the North?

Solar Energy :
Likewise, solar energy flows in abundance from East to West. This statement is subject to criticism as it can be argued that solar energy flows from West to East in the evening. The following points are relevant in this connection.

Ultra Violet and Infra Red Rays in the sun :
The morning Sun has abundance of Ultra- Violet rays, which are good for human beings. The evening Sun is rich in Infra Red rays which are injurious and, therefore, not considered good. Hindu scriptures advocate watching the morning Sun rising on the eastern Horizon and bathing in the sun at sunrise while seeing sunset should be avoided. This is in direct contrast with Western culture where sunset beauty is sung much more.

Positive and Negative Energy Spots in Vaastu :
What is not known to the West, but what was discovered as far ago as in vedic times in India, is the fact that there are a few spots in Eastern and Northern directions which are called ‘Shubh Oorja Sthan’ (Places generating benefic energy), and some other spots in south and West which are called’ Ashubh Oorja Sthan’ (Places generating malefic or negative energy). When sunlight falls on the benefic spots, the residents of the building get enthusiasm and positivity while if sunlight falls on the malefic spots, it generates and increases negativity. It is therefore, advocated in ‘Vaastu’ to keep windows etc. on these benefic spots and not to have openings in the malefic spots. This also explains why it is desirable to have tall trees in the South and West so as not to let sun fall on these spots and, at the same time, to leave East and north as open as possible.

Vaastu For Homes :

  • Vaastu For Selection Of Plot : Vaastu advice is essential while selecting a plot, be it residential or a commercial Vaastu. The selection of the land is the primary stage; hence, it is very crucial. If one get a Vaastu positive plot, he shell be able to enjoy a prosperous life
  • Vaastu For Main Gate : The Main Gate is known to be the opening of a house. The main gate should be located in right direction. This play a vital role in Vaastu science.
  • Vaastu For Window : The total number of windows also plays a vital part in deciding Vastu factors emphasizing on the inlet of the positive cosmic vibration and at the same time, blocking of the negative energies. Similarly, Vaastu for window is also an important topic Vedic Vaastu Shatra because windows are the part of a building that can receive various types of energies
  • Vaastu For Bedroom : The seniors should be placed in the Nairutya direction of the house located in south-west direction. Similarly, other should also sleep in their vaastu-defined area only.

Home Visit :
  • Up to 100 Yards Home : 7100/-
  • Up to 200 Yards Home : 11000/-
  • More then 200 yards : 15000/-

Office/ factory Visit :
  • Up to 100 Yards : 11000/-
  • Up to 200 yards : 15000/-
  • Up to 500 Yards : 21000/-
  • Up to 1000 Yards : 31000/-
  • More then 1000 yards : 51000/-

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